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T h e P l a s t i c G i m m i c k

Pinky:st Community

The first Pinky:st community
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Pinky:st (Pinky Street) is BABYsue Yuuki Kanaya's (金谷ゆうきさん) new POP & CUTE plastic figures developed under the brand name VANCE PROJECT, a subsidiary of Mr. Hobby well known for its model paints, from Japan. The best thing about these figurines is that the parts (ie. hair, dress, and legs) are interchangeable with each other. The price can range from $6.00 to $15.00 depending on the specialty of it. Each 4" figure comes with one head, two bodies of outfits, and one or two accessories. Many hobbyist have customized Pinky:st figures to suit their own style. Pinky:st became popular because people can take them anywhere in their pocket or purses and photograph them. There are several Pinky:st photobooks published showing their journeys around Japan. This is what this community will be about: Photos.

01. This is a Pinky:st photo only community.
02. You may post info on soon-to-be/ released figures and Pinky:st shops but keep it to a minimum.
03. Customization tips are welcome.
04. Post a photo that is up to 350 pixels in width and height can be whatever to make it proportional to the layout and the rest of the photos must be behind a lj-cut and does not need to be 350 pixels.
05. No bashing.
06. No advertising of other communities.
07. No stealing of anyone's pictures. You know why.

If you don't like the rules, click here. Posts not following the rules will be deleted within 24 hours if it's not fixed but you may repost. The moderators here are picky, are very visual, and doesn't tolerate 'tards.

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