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I'm out of the hobby, yet these girls won't leave! xD

I'm looking to sell them in a lot. There are a couple pricier girls in here (TT Emi, MCC Yoshiko) but I'm not exactly sure what Pinky prices are these days. Looking to sell everything for $70 shipped to the US/Canada, or reasonable offers (shipping from Canada can be pricey).


Includes: Yoshiko x2, Suu x2, Tamae x2, Moe/Rei, Kokoro/Asuka, Sacchin, Ako, Risa, Hana (small mark on face), Rui x2, Sumire x2 & Emi


Includes Emi's full outfit as well as Rei & Asuka's plugsuits. I'm not sure if everything is complete, but there's a good variety to mix & match with. 70+ pieces

Extra bits

Includes Tohru's hair, TT Maya's hair + top, Arc's hair, extra ponytails and some other small accessories.

Please comment if interested!
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I'm trying to sell the last of my girls off in a lot. I don't have a complete list of the girls I'm selling but I definitely have Tenjo Tenge Emi, the Rei/Asuka plugsuit back, the second Mono Comme ca Yoshiko, a couple Rui/Suu/Risa and a bunch of others. I've got 17 girls in total, not sure if they are all 100% complete (I may be missing a few pieces). I'm not looking to split the lot, I'd rather just have them all go at once. Sorry!

Asking $65 shipped untracked to the US/Canada, or $75 shipped with tracking. I will ship internationally but it will be more expensive.

Please comment if interested, I would love to see the rest of my girls go off to a good home!
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I'm selling off my collection in order to pay off some bills~ All of these girls are up for grabs, but are likely missing any animals & pins/buttons they came with. The figures themselves are in good condition! Shipping is from Canada, I can ship anywhere as long as you're willing to pay for it! :)

I'm willing to give discounts if you buy multiple Pinkies~ Shipping to the US/Canada is about $10 for 4-5 Pinkies.

PK001 Yoshiko ($6)
PK002 Suu ($6)
PK003 Tamae ($6)
PK001A Yoshiko ($7)
PK001B Yoshiko ($8)
PK002B Suu ($8)
PK003B Tamae ($8)
PK007A Hana ($4)
PK008A Risa ($5)
PK004B Moe ($7)
PK005B Kokoro ($7)
PK010 Sumire ($6)
PK011 Rui ($6)
PK014 Maki ($6)
PK015 Ako ($6)
PK010A Sumire ($6)
PK011A Rui ($4)
PK012A Sacchin ($6)
Evangelion Rei & Asuka plug suit 2-pack ($12)
Tenjo Tenge Isuzu Emi ($15)
Sakura Wars Sakura Shinguuji ($10)
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Makoto Konno afterschool ver. ($12)
Animate Tencho Yoshiko ($10)
GoFa Winter Suu ($15)
WonderFest Summer Kokoro ($15)
Space Invaders Moe ($11)
Space Invaders Yoshiko ($11)
Space Invaders Suu ($11)
PostPet Reina ($12)
Air Gear Ringo & manga ($20)
Air Gear Akito & manga ($20)

Please comment if you're interested in anything! If buying multiples I will work out a combined price for you!

Thanks a lot! :)